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SchuF Spray Rinse Valves

SchuF Spray Rinse valves are designed to effectively rinse large tanks, vessels, or reactors without the need to open them.

  • Design eliminates the need to open or close vessel for cleaning
  • Directs, controls, and uses cleaning agents efficiently
  • Customised spray pattern, pressure and quantity
  • Positive metal-to-metal shut-off
  • Zero leakage to atmosphere
  • No clogging guaranteed, due to pre-designed “leakage” path
  • Size range 3/4” - 2”

Material: Stainless Steel (Other material options on request)

Pressure: ASME 900

Industries: Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals, Plastics & Polymer (especially PVC)

SchuF Spray Rinse valves are offered in two designs depending on your requirements. The purpose of a Spray Rinse valve is to effectively rinse large tanks, vessels, or reactors without the need to open them.


Spray Rinse valves can be used to clean vessels after each batch operation. Water, steam, solvents and anti-sticking agents can be injected and sprayed in a distinct and efficient pattern into the vessel. This leads to longer uninterrupted reactor production cycles and the most cost-efficient use of cleaning agents. They are also used in vessel rinsing applications with toxic media in order to ensure personnel safety.


Country of Origin: United States

Commodity Code: 84818099

SchuF Spray Rinse Valves Brochure

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