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SchuF Disc Bottom Outlet Valves

SchuF Disc Bottom Outlet valves are most commonly used for the draining of tanks, reactors or pipelines containing non-viscous media.

  • Dead-space free
  • Sealing to atmosphere
  • Contamination free
  • Crust-breaking
  • Temperature sensing
  • Fire safety
  • Size range 1" - 18" (Larger on request)

Material: Stainless Steel (Other material options on request)

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +230°C (14°F to 446°F) (Higher or lower on request)

Pressure: ASME 150, PN16 & PN 40 (Higher on request)

Industries: Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals, Biochemical, Mineral Refining

SchuF Disc Bottom Outlet valves are most commonly used for the draining and feeding of vessels, reactors and pipelines. They are especially suited to low-viscosity materials, or where slower vessel drainage is unproblematic. Disc valves have a shorter length and are therefore ideal where space is limited or weight is a concern. The shorter stroke means that smaller, lighter and faster actuators can be used, saving cost and weight.


The Disc Bottom Outlet valve can be supplied as a disc lowering or disc rising valve. The disc rising valve is normally a flow-to-close design, aiding sealing performance.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Commodity Code: 84818099

SchuF Bottom Outlet Valves Brochure

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