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SchuF Automatic Recirculation Valves

SchuF Automatic Recirculation valves are multifunctional valves whose primary purpose is to ensure that a pre-determined minimum flow is assured through a centrifugal pump at all times.

  • Combines both check and bypass features
  • Proprietary Cv calculation system
  • Minimum flow protection
  • No external actuation required
  • Non return function
  • Self cleaning bore
  • Size range 1" - 16" (Larger on request)

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (Other material options on request)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +300°C (-4°F to 572°F) (Higher or lower on request)

Pressure: Up to ASME 2500 (Higher on request)

Industries: Chemical, Refinery, Power, Paper and Pulp, Maritime

SchuF Automatic Recirculation valves (or Minimum Flow valves) has a unique design and it’s primary purpose is to automatically protect centrifugal pumps during low load operation. As the pump’s load drops below a preset flow rate, the valve’s disc moves towards its seat and causes the bypass bush to open a bypass flow path. The pump minimum flow rate is thus reached and maintained. This is important as centrifugal pumps suffer from over heating and cavitation and can be permanently damaged if they run dry.

SchuF Automatic Recirculation Valves Brochure

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