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Pentair Südmo now available at Valve & Process Solutions!

Valve & Process Solutions have been appointed as an authorised Channel Partner for Pentair Südmo Spares & Components and now stock a range of advanced hygienic solutions.

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Build your Valve package

There are many variables to consider when building a valve package, from product size, material and function to the application and media used. In some applications, selecting the right products can be critical to the operation and safety of your site. If you’re unsure where to begin, check out our key points to consider when building a valve package below. And don’t forget our team is always on hand to advise and provide technical support with your projects if you need more assistance.

What to consider when choosing a valve:

  • • Type of media being used
  • • Operating pressure & temperature
  • • Flow rate
  • • Valve size
  • • Valve material including valve body, stem and seals
  • • End connections
  • • Valve function
  • • Maintenance requirements

What to consider when selecting an actuator:

  • • Type of valve used
  • • Check MAST figure of valve
  • • Operating torque
  • • Actuation method (pneumatic, electric or hydraulic)
  • • Operating environment
  • • Control signal such as on/off, modulating or proportional control
  • • Power source
  • • Size & mounting
  • • Maintenance requirements

What to consider when picking a solenoid:

  • • Actuator type & size used
  • • Operating pressure & temperature
  • • Flow rate (Cv)
  • • Operating environment such as hazardous or safe area
  • • Voltage & power consumption
  • • Double-acting 5/2 or single-acting 3/2
  • • Manual override option
  • • Electrical connections such as wire leads or plug-in connectors
  • • Maintenance requirements

What to consider when choosing a switchbox or positioner:

  • • Type of valve & actuator used
  • • Control signal such as electric or pneumatic
  • • Feedback signal
  • • Diagnostics
  • • Mounting
  • • Operating environment
  • • Maintenance requirements

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Our flow control products

We stock a range of market-leading valves, actuators, switchboxes, positioners, solenoids, ancillary equipment and more, which can be purchased as a standalone component or as part of a valve package.

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Our customers choose Valve & Process Solutions for our high-quality flow control products, tailored solutions and professional support.

As a company, we use Valve & Process Solutions for a wide variety of our valve and control needs. Our local agent Phil was always on hand and ready to help. They even managed to facilitate support from a valve manufacturer when we were struggling with a problem.

Spare parts we needed were quoted in excellent time and parts shipped with the necessary urgency without fail. They are a fantastic team to deal with and will be the first people I turn to for any parts or services.

Matt Smith | Novartis

Steve and his team are always a pleasure to deal with. Their knowledge, experience and friendly can-do approach are why we continue to collaborate with them. Keep up the good work!

Tina Taylor | Flamgard-Calidair

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