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SchuF Piston Ram Bottom Outlet Valves

SchuF Piston/Ram Bottom Outlet valves are used to quickly drain or inject media into or out of vessels, tanks, or reactors.

  • Dead-space free
  • Zero leakage-to-atmosphere options
  • Full-bore flow allows for rapid vessel drainage
  • Options for fire-safe, crust-breaking, sensors(P.A.T.) and sampling available
  • Modular design
  • Exchangeable seats
  • Size range 1" - 6"

Material: Stainless Steel (Other material options on request)

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +230°C (14°F to 446°F) (Higher or lower on request)

Pressure: ASME 150, PN16 & PN 40 (Higher on request)

Industries: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemicals, Polymer, Mineral Refining

SchuF Piston/Ram Bottom Outlet valves are used when full flow is essential to drain reactors and vessels, flush pipelines, inject media such as kill gases and catalysts and take large samples. They are especially effective in handling high-viscosity media and slurry flow through smaller bores.


Country of Origin: Ireland

Commodity Code: 84818099

SchuF Piston Ram Valves Brochure

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