Why we moved away from e-commerce

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You’ve landed on our new and improved website and decided to take a look around at the new content and features we have to offer, but you notice something is missing… Our online store!

When so many companies are moving towards e-commerce functionality, why have we moved away from ours?

We haven’t taken the decision to remove our e-commerce service lightly. However, following internal discussions and engagement with a number of customers, we decided to make this change in favour of more in-person experiences. This has been a tough decision as many of our competitors are only just replicating what we have been doing for many years. However, we feel the time is right to move in a different direction and as always, we like to lead rather than follow.

We opened our first web shop back in 2015 and at the time, were one of the first companies in our space to offer this service to our customers. It allowed customers to browse products, evaluate prices, check stock and place orders very efficiently. Over the years we have had a lot of success in this space, and we have learnt a great deal in the process. That’s why we now feel the presence of the faceless transaction of the online store is hindering our ability to give our customers the support and experience they deserve.

What this means for your business

Our mission at Valve & Process Solutions is to “keep industry flowing”. To do this we need to have meaningful conversations with our customers about the goals they are trying to achieve and how the products we sell can help them. The products we stock and sell are technical and highly configurable, and our customers have more options and features than any website can possibly list. We also feel that the ownership of specifying the correct product for the application shouldn’t be passed to you the customer just because we feel it would be more profitable and efficient for you to do the work yourself and figure out what you require. It’s important that we as the experts are involved in the process to provide you with our best advice, guiding you through the many variables and pitfalls of selecting the wrong product for your application.

Although you can no longer purchase directly through our website, making a purchase is still as easy through our Request a Quote form and by email or phone. Our business is all about being here for you, providing solutions, whether that is a single product or a larger-scale project. We pride ourselves on our experience, industry and product knowledge and the long-term trusted relationships we form with our clients. Not only do we prefer to speak directly to our customers, but many of them have told us they prefer a conversation too.

If you have any questions on why we moved away from e-commerce, or have any product or project requirements, please get in touch. We look forward to supporting you and keeping industry flowing!

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