Westlock Controls launches the K20 HART Smart Positioner

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Westlock Controls has officially launched the K20 HART Smart Positioner, a cutting-edge addition to their robust line-up of valve monitoring and control solutions. This new model, built upon the reliable foundation of the previous K20 positioner, incorporates several advanced features and enhancements that significantly elevate performance and reliability in process control applications.

Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Communication and Control with HART 7 Protocol

One of the standout features of the K20 HART Smart Positioner is its integration of the HART 7 communication protocol. This protocol offers superior diagnostic capabilities, enables seamless remote access, and enhances device communication. With HART 7, users can access real-time data and easily make configuration adjustments. As a result, this facilitates better decision-making and proactive maintenance, which ultimately leads to reduced downtime and increased operational efficiency.

Improved Performance and Reliability

The K20 HART Smart Positioner offers precise control and optimal performance of your critical processes, even in the most challenging environments. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, its robust spool valve manifold, meticulously tested to endure 2 billion cycles of operation, ensures longevity and performance that you can depend on. In addition, with the inclusion of a 4-20mA transmitter, the K20 offers enhanced position feedback and visibility and allows operators to make informed decisions and optimise system efficiency.

Robust and User-Friendly Design

The K20 HART Smart Positioner maintains the same high quality and durability that Westlock Controls is known for. Engineered with non-contact hall effect sensors, the K20 delivers precise positioning without any mechanical wear and degradation. Additionally, the user interface has been updated to be more intuitive with features such as an LCD screen and capacitive buttons for local setup. Due to this, it's now even easier for operators to access advanced diagnostic information and configure and manage the device.

Comparing to the Previous K20 Positioner

While the previous K20 positioner was already a reliable and robust solution, the K20 HART Smart Positioner takes a significant step forward in several key areas:

Communication Protocol: The upgrade to HART 7 means enhanced diagnostic capabilities, seamless remote access, and better overall communication performance.

Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities: The new positioner offers more detailed and actionable diagnostic information, which helps in predictive maintenance and reducing unexpected failures.

User Interface: The enhanced interface of the K20 HART Smart Positioner provides a more user-friendly experience, making configuration and management simpler and more efficient.

Elevating Your Operations

To conclude, the K20 HART Smart Positioner is a testament to Westlock Controls' commitment to innovation and excellence in control valve technology. By incorporating the latest communication protocols and enhancing the diagnostic and user interface capabilities, the K20 HART Smart Positioner meets and exceeds modern industrial applications' demands.

Furthermore, operators and maintenance teams will find that the K20 HART Smart Positioner offers significant improvements in terms of control accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. This makes it an invaluable tool in optimising process control, improving operational efficiency, and reducing downtime.

For more detailed information on the K20 HART Smart Positioner and its capabilities contact our expert sales team to enquire.

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