SchuF Cam-Set® Line Blind Demonstration

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Video Description

    The SchuF Cam-Slide Line Blind is engineered with a sliding spectacle plate for advanced control in applications where space is limited.

    With the SchuF Cam-Slide, you can confidently isolate sections of your pipeline with precision. Its advanced design ensures a secure shut-off, minimising the risk of product contamination and maximising process safety.

    The Cam-Slide is usually manually operated, but on some projects, actuation is required. We’ve filmed a short behind the scenes video to show you an actuated Cam-Slide in action. We hope you like this excellent pipeline isolation solution as much as we do!

    For more information or to enquire about a Cam-Slide for your application, please call our in-house SchuF team on 01246 220 070 or email

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