Introducing Atomac Ball valves into our product portfolio

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There’s a new home for an old favourite. We're proud to announce we're now a stockist and distributor of Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A ball valves. Both the AKH2 & AKH2A models are fully PFA lined, full port, two-piece floating ball valves.

Manufactured in Germany, Atomac has nearly 50 years of experience and expertise. They became part of the Flowserve Ahaus Group in 1998. The Atomac range is respected and renowned for high-quality, reliable PFA lined products. Their original designs have been continuously updated and extended to meet the changing requirements of global process industries.

Due to their high quality, Atomac’s AKH valve series along with their other products have been firm favourites in the chemical processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and steel production industries.

About the Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A

“T” slots hold the moulded liner in place which allows the AKH2 & AKH2A to perform across the pressure-temperature envelope, from industrial vacuum up to full #150 (19 BarG). The PFA liner fully encapsulates all the valve internals including the ball & stem therefore, no metallic parts are exposed to the media. This is ideal for corrosive media such as acids, alkaline & sea water which would typically attack metallic bodies unless exotic materials are used.

The anti-blowout stem, PED and anti-static design, suitable for both zoned and safe areas, assures plant, personnel and environmental safety. There is positive PFA to PFA and metal body sealing, along with a reduction of stem side loads. This eliminates potential valve body flange and gland leaks, and as a result, protects your plant’s employees and the environment.

Bi-directional full port minimises pressure loss and increases flow capacity. Tight shut-off across the entire pressure envelope is ideal for batch production. It's also ideal where there is pump switch over, which typically causes floating ball valves to leak at low pressures. The low frictional coefficients result in low operating torques. This provides longevity by reducing actuation size and minimising wear.

Along with the Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A, we stock a range of actuators, switchboxes and ancillary products to complete your valve package tailored to your specifications.

You can find more technical information about the AKH2 & AKH2A ball valves on our Atomac product page.

To enquire or speak to one of our product specialists call 01246 220 070 or email

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