Food Safe Valves for the Food & Beverage Industry

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What's the point of the food safe logo being here... If it isn't here?

Are you responsible for maintaining a food processing plant? Or supplying valves to food processors? Are you using compliant Food Safe valves when dealing with the food & beverage industry? There's something you should know...

Under European Law, The Food Contact Regulation (EC) No.1935/2004 is now binding and must be applied across the entirety of the EU. Anything coming into contact with food, that complies with the regulation, carries the Food Safe logo. But what is the point in “Food Safe” packaging if the equipment used to fill those packs isn’t compliant?

• Being compliant is a major advantage when tendering for new business.

• NOT being compliant could lose your customer's business.

• Complying with EU regulations is not as costly, or onerous, as your customers might fear.

Flowserve food safe valve bagged Flowserve food safe valve close-up

You have compliant food packaging; do you have compliant valves?

Food safety valves such as the Flowserve Worcester Food Safe range follow strict cleaning, assembly, testing and packaging procedures at every stage in accordance with EC 1935 food contact regulations.

The product build takes place in a dedicated clean build area. This ensures contamination does not occur during the build process. Testing takes place with the use of compatible food-grade lubricants and solutions. The Food Safe valve is then sealed in compliant protective packaging and must remain bagged until installation. What really sets these valves apart from similar products in the market is the certification and traceability of all components in contact with food media.

Valve & Process Solutions is in a unique position to give advice and provide support - helping you to retain business when your end customers ask if you are compliant. Take a look at episode 15 of our Meet the Product series about the Worcester Food Safe ball valve or contact the team to learn more about Food Safe valves.

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