Hygienic Valves

We offer a range of hygienic spares and components including single seat valves, double seat (mix proof) valves, butterfly and ball valves and control units, along with other process equipment and a selection of pipe connections and fittings.

About Hygienic Valves

We offer a range of hygienic spares and components through our manufacturing partners at Pentair Südmo, who are a globally renowned leader in delivering innovative hygienic solutions.

Hygienic valves play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and safety of processes in the food and beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries while meeting strict regulations and international standards. By preventing contamination and maintaining product quality, hygienic valves safeguard the integrity of the final product, thereby offering peace of mind to our customers.

The products we offer provide optimal plant performance, reliability, and the ability to react to fast-changing market requirements while reducing environmental impact. With an extensive range of hygienic products available, we’re sure to have a solution that meets the requirements of your application.

Hygienic Spares and Components We Offer

Single Seat Valves

We offer the Pentair Südmo SVP Select single seat valve series, a reliable and versatile range available in various sizes and executions. The modular design ensures that the right valve can be made for any process application in the food and beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Double Seat Valves

The Pentair Südmo double seat valves provide leakage-free blocking of conflicting media for a wide range of industries. They offer hygienic and aseptic processors the ability to establish automated multiple routings with complete confidence. Double seat valves are an ideal choice for valve manifolds and fit perfectly with the Pentair Südmo IntelliTop 2.0 control top.

Butterfly and Ball Valves

Pentair Südmo’s hygienic shut-off butterfly valves are used in all areas of the process industry. The comprehensive valve range features both manual and pneumatic drive options, including lockable handles and vertical actuators. Additionally, these shut-off valves are quick and easy to maintain and have a long service life due to their special seal design.

Control Valves

Pentair Südmo’s SVP Select control valve range offers an extensive component solution for all common control processes in the food and beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. The optional programmable features in the control top provide excellent control and reliability.

Control Tops

We also offer the Pentair Südmo IntelliTop 2.0 control unit. The IntelliTop 2.0 combines process valve triggering and monitoring in one unit and provides the decentralised control of process valves – a huge advantage when building complex valve manifolds in tank depots or distribution stations.

Misc. Process Equipment

In addition to the above selection of products, we also stock constant pressure valves, with or without the steam barrier, and non-return valves with various types of port connections, all part of the Südmo components range.

Misc. Process Valves

Furthermore, sampling valves, sight glasses and their accessories complete the inventory of Südmo process equipment.

Pipe Connections and Pipe Fittings

Finally, a selection of hygienic and aseptic threaded, small flange, weld-in flange, clamp connections and pipe fittings finish our hygienic spares and components range.

Features and Benefits

Hygienic valves come with numerous features and benefits to make them the ideal choice for aseptic applications with strict hygiene and safety requirements.

Exceptional Hygiene Standards

Pentair Südmo valves adhere to strict industry standards and regulations, ensuring the integrity and purity of processes in the food and beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Ease of Maintenance

Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, Pentair Südmo valves minimise downtime and streamline maintenance operations, optimising overall production efficiency.

Optimum Cleanability

Led by excellent surface quality and hygienic design, Pentair Südmo valves have no sumps or domes where media could hide. Therefore, ensuring stringent hygiene requirements are met.

Durability and Longevity

The ultra-precise manufacturing of Pentair Südmo components combined with high-quality, durable materials means their products are built to withstand demanding operating conditions and provide a reliable, long service life.

Suitable Industries

Food & Dairy

Every day, food and dairy processors face the challenge of delivering the highest quality, flavourful, and safe products. Hygienic valves help meet those challenges through proven components and innovative process solutions.

Brewing & Distilling

Brewers and distillers require consistent quality but also flexibility in their processes, this is where Pentair Südmo products come in. The range of products and solutions help brewers and distillers to optimise process control, meet the highest hygiene standards and react to fast-changing market requirements.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

The Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries face the ongoing challenge of balancing consistent quality, cost efficiency, and sustainability while navigating the variety and complexity of products they manufacture to remain competitive. Pentair Südmo meets these challenges by providing integrated and sustainable solutions that create highly efficient and advanced production operations.


In conclusion, the hygienic valve range available at Valve & Process Solutions is designed to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in your processes while remaining cost-effective and reducing environmental impact. As a result, you can be confident to find a solution that meets the requirements of your application.

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