About Ball Valves

At Valve & Process Solutions, we specialise in supplying high-quality, reliable ball valves designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. With an extensive range of models and specifications, we also ensure optimal performance under demanding conditions.

The Models We Offer

Flowserve Worcester A44/A59 Series

We proudly offer the Flowserve Worcester A44/A59 series, designed for both reliability and long service life. This model stands out in our extensive selection of ball valves and caters to a wide range of needs.

Flowserve Worcester F44/F54 Series

Another prominent model in our lineup is the F44/F54 series. Like the A44/A59 series, these valves are also designed with longevity and versatility in mind but in a fire-safe and anti-static variant. Therefore, ensuring they meet a variety of project requirements in extreme conditions.

Flowserve Worcester 51/52 Series

The 51/52 series is known for its high performance while enhancing safety and minimising fugitive emissions. It’s another shining example of the quality and variety we strive to offer in our selection of ball valve models.

Flowserve Worcester F519/F529, F819/F829, and 45/59 Series

>We also offer the F519/F529, F819/F829, and 45/59 series by Worcester. These ball valves are all recognised for their excellent performance. For steam isolation applications, we also provide the robust AW44/AW59 Series.

Flowserve Atomac AKH2 and AKH2A Models

For those seeking a lined valve offering high corrosion resistance, we offer the Flowserve Atomac AKH2 and AKH2A ball valve models. These models are designed to withstand demanding applications and are a great alternative to valves manufactured from exotic materials.

Furthermore, our diverse lineup of models provides a broad spectrum of benefits, from durability and corrosion resistance to versatility and high performance. Therefore, ensuring we can meet the requirements of any project or application.


Size Range

Our ball valves typically range in size from 15mm – 200mm (1/2” – 8”). Therefore, making them suitable for numerous applications.

Temperature Range

The temperature range for our valves is typically -40°C to 500°C (-40°F to 1000°F). This broad range ensures they can handle extreme conditions.

Pressure Class

Our ball valves are typically PN16, PN40, ANSI 150, ANSI 300. This variety allows us to cater to different industry requirements.

Connection Types

We offer valves with various connection types such as Flanged, Screwed, Butt Weld, and also Socket Weld. Therefore, we can ensure compatibility with different systems and requirements.

Features & Benefits Of Our Ball Valves

Our ball valves come with numerous features and benefits. Firstly, the simple and compact design of our ball valves ensures ease of operation and less maintenance requirements. Secondly, some of our models are anti-static and fire-safe. As a result, they ensure safe operation in hazardous conditions. Thirdly, they offer leak-proof service. This is critical for maintaining system integrity and also preventing wastage. Furthermore, our valves are suitable for actuation. Therefore, they provide flexibility in system design. Finally, the majority of our ball valves are repairable, prolonging their lifespan and cutting down on replacement costs.

Suitable Industries For Ball Valves

Oil & Gas

Ball valves are ideally suited for the oil and gas industry due to their robustness, leak-proof nature, and also the ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry benefits from ball valves’ corrosion and wear resistance. Therefore, making them suitable for handling various types of chemicals.

Power Generation

In power generation, ball valves’ durability and high-performance characteristics make them an ideal choice.

Food & Beverage

The design and materials of construction make ball valves a good choice for various food and beverage applications.


In conclusion, at Valve & Process Solutions, we strive to provide reliable, high-quality ball valves that meet the diverse needs of various industries. Furthermore, we ensure optimal performance under demanding conditions with a wide range of models, specifications, and features. Trust us for all your ball valve needs.

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