About Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuators are integral components in industrial applications. Moreover, they are devices that produce motion using compressed gas as a source of power. Furthermore,  At Valve & Process Solutions, we offer a range of high-quality pneumatic Actuators designed for durability, reliability, and also optimal performance.

Diverse Range of Models

Our product lineup includes world-class brands like the Flowserve Norbro, Emerson Keystone F89 Series, Actreg Rack and Pinion, and Hytork Rack and Pinion. Each of these models also represents the pinnacle of engineering. Moreover, they provide dependable service in various industrial settings.

Flowserve Norbro

Flowserve Norbro actuators stand out for their robust construction and reliable operation.

Emerson Keystone F89 Series

The Emerson Keystone F89 Series is renowned for its precision control and ease of installation.


Actreg actuators provide consistent performance even in challenging working conditions.


Hytork models prioritise safety without compromising on operational efficiency.

Key Specifications

Temperature Range

Our pneumatic actuators typically operate within a temperature range of -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F). As a result, they are versatile enough for diverse industrial environments.


Our actuators boast a broad torque range, typically between 5 – 3500Nm. As a result, they can be used in a variety of applications.

Operating Pressure

Our actuators can handle operating pressures up to 8.3 bar/120 psi. Therefore, their high-pressure tolerance ensures reliable performance under demanding circumstances.

Features & Benefits

Double Acting or Spring Return

We offer both double acting and spring return options. As a result, you can choose the right actuator based on your specific application requirements.

NAMUR Mounting (VDE/VDI 3845)

Our actuators come with NAMUR mounting (VDE/VDI 3845). Therefore, they are easy to install and also ensure compatibility with industry standards.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

To enhance durability, our actuators are coated with corrosion-resistant materials. As a result, their lifespan is increased and reliable performance even in harsh environments is ensured.

Travel Stops

Some of our pneumatic actuators feature travel stops. Therefore, providing precise control over the range of motion.

Position Indicator

Equipped with a position indicator as standard, it’s easy to identify whether the actuator is in the open or closed position.

Furthermore, we uphold our commitment to delivering superior pneumatic actuators, meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Explore our range of models and their exceptional features to find the ideal Actuator for your specific application.

Suitable Industries

Oil and Gas Industry

Pneumatic actuators are used to automate valves, controlling the flow of oil and gas in pipelines and refineries.

Water Treatment Facilities

These actuators play a crucial role in automating valves that regulate water flow and treatment processes.

Power Generation Industry

Pneumatic actuators are essential for controlling valves that manage the flow of steam, coolant, and also other fluids in power plants.

Chemical Industry

They are used for valve automation in the control of chemical processing and handling.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pneumatic actuators are used in automated valve systems for precise control of liquids and gases in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Food and Beverage Industry

These actuators automate valves involved in the processing, packaging, and distribution of food and beverages.

Mining Industry

Pneumatic actuators take control in mining operations, automating valves to direct the flow of slurry, water, and also other materials. Moreover, they are key players in maintaining efficient and safe operations. As a result, providing critical solutions for above-ground and deep mining applications.


In conclusion, Valve & Process Solutions delivers versatile and robust pneumatic actuators that cater to a variety of industrial needs. Our diverse range of top-quality models guarantees optimal performance and reliability. Furthermore, choosing our pneumatic actuators means strategically investing in durability, precision, and an efficient operation. Partner with Valve & Process Solutions today for your flow control needs.

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