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Why we decided to stay with Westlock.

Westlock have been part of the V&PS Family from the beginning – a close relationship that worked so well we soon became the leading distributor of Westlock products in the UK, and why wouldn’t we? Partners such as Westlock were always an essential part of our plan to provide the best products available.

Then, as often happens when you are comfortable with the status quo, we became victims of unexpected change.

After nearly a decade of building our customer base for the highest quality switchboxes, Westlock made the commercial decision to close it’s manufacturing facility in the UK.

We didn’t like the idea of our customers waiting a moment longer than they had to; we were used to a quick reaction service backing up our bespoke advice, assembly and testing. We could see the extra lead time and cost of importing products from the States becoming a big problem for most of our customers.

At V&PS we had to decide if we could live with Westlock’s new offering and hope the delays wouldn’t inconvenience our customers too much – or – turn our attention to re-testing other switchboxes; products already dismissed as inferior.

It wasn’t a difficult decision in the end. We simply had to consider why we had become Westlock’s leading distributor:
We believe our customers deserve the best.
We believe Westlock are the best in the World.
We will not add to anyone’s uncertainty – real or perceived.

The V&PS family create solutions for clients every day – the solution we created for ourselves was to stay with the proven technology, put our money where our mouth is and carry the World’s largest inventory of Westlock products.

You want it – there’s a good chance we have it.


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