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The science is fascinating but ENGINEERING is how the science gets applied to real world issues.

By the end of the 21st century no Engineering graduate will think of themselves as anything other than interdisciplinary, with constantly updated knowledge across all aspects of process, chemical, biomechanical, mechanical, electrical, software, analysis, robotics … even civil engineering – they will wonder how Engineers ever managed to specialize in only one.

Only by every Engineer having that wide range of interest, knowledge and collaboration will the Worlds problems be solved.

Universities have already recognised this evolution of Engineering and are investing millions in the facilities and teaching environments to launch those future careers.

It really is all about our engineers, both now and in the future.

In the meantime Chemical Engineering – The design of products and processes to produce, transform and transport materials and energy is in the foreground of the engineering landscape – because it relates so closely to the problem solving needed today.

When the science needs scaling up, making safe, efficient and cost effective, Engineers need the quickest ways available to analyse and control the ongoing production process.

At Valve & Process Solutions Ltd we are constantly researching equipment that enables Engineers to see the information they need from sampling and quality control.

When it comes to kit one of our current favorites is the Award Winning Westlock Digital Epic-2 Intelligent Valve Position Transmitter. Originally launched in 2005 it has been in continuous development ever since, winning the prestigious “2015 Safety Award – Final Element (Interface)”

It has a Remote User Interface using HART® 7 DD/FDT® DTM 1.2 for seamless integration into any control system or Safety Instrumented System (SIS).

The full feature list is lengthy:

It includes ARM® 32-bit microcontroller based smart position transmitter with 4-20mA position feedback.

Partial and Full Stroke Testing (PST / FST ) and pressure profiling.

Unique Solenoid Operated Valve Testing (SOVT)

Intelligent and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) status and alarm

No Intrusive Calibration and Pressure Sensors for diagnostics – allowing PST alarming and graphical trends.

The Digital Epic–2 ticks all our boxes for Quicker, Safer and More Intelligent control equipment.

If you’re excited about becoming an Engineer – in any discipline – be sure by the time you graduate we’ll be ready with the kit that helps you change the World!



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