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It’s been a while. We profiled VPS’ National Sales Manager Lee Bellamy in November 2017 and all sorts of things have changed since then.

Lee, 45, has become older and wiser of course (well, he’s certainly older!) but he must have been doing a great job since VPS’ annual turnover has more than doubled since we last published an interview with him.

He initially joined VPS in June 2017, tasked with servicing VPS’ existing client base and to gain “a load of” new accounts.

Lee is a super problem solver: lots of his time on site is spent investigating and solving clients’ problems, which he loves to do.

His depth and breadth of technical and engineering experience gives Lee crucial skills and expertise. And in fact the biggest problems he sees in the industry are due to either a lack of skill, or a lack of capacity and resources in the workforce.

Lee would love to see more youngsters coming in to the industry. His own 4-year apprenticeship with BSS served him well, though he almost took a different career path, originally planning to study art at University.

But an interest in technology, engineering and pneumatics coincided with getting the bug for work at an early stage, and leaning about the opportunities an apprenticeship could offer sealed the deal. It involved time on the tools alongside a City & Guilds in machine tool programming and setting, an ONC in Mechanical Engineering and an HNC in Industrial & Business Studies at DeMonfort University.

Home is South Derbyshire: Lee lives in a small village just outside Burton on Trent with his wife Claire and their daughters Connie (3) and Lacey (5). Lee also has a 26 year-old son, Leyton, from a previous marriage, and a 2 year old grandson. “One of the main reasons I joined VPS was because it’s such a family-friendly company,” he says.

Outside of family life two martial arts are particular passions. Lee has practiced Wing Chun, the Southern Chinese style of Kung Fu also known as “beautiful springtime” for over 11 years. And he’s recently taken to Krav Maga which he’s studied for around a year, “I decided to take on something new in order to engage the grey matter.”

Those brain cells are also engaged when Lee’s out visiting VPS’ customers: not only as he solves their problems, but because “Steve’s got me into the Audible app and he’s always recommending business books to me. It’s ideal for me as I’m on the road so much and I must have listened to 10 or 11 already.”

Which ones has he particularly enjoyed? “Simon Sinek’s Start With Why, and The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters.”

20 months since our last profile of Lee, is he still as optimistic about the industry?

“Absolutely. I’m very optimistic about the industry. Other folks in other industries are quite pessimistic but we are just flying right now. We’re not seeing pessimism because we go out there with quality products, quality solutions and, crucially, advice.”

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