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For decades now, progress across the process industries, to change up from the manual leaver and wheel operation of valves to remote operation has been relatively slow – compared to just about all other technologies across all industries … but, according to the last available market stats, this is now changing at a rate never seen before.

Would it surprise you to discover that Actuators are now the fastest growing segment of flow control products?

We see two reasons for this:

Firstly, and obviously, automation allows higher levels of safety, cost efficiencies and control.

Secondly, and maybe not as obviously – Control and Monitoring.


For example, there are many variations of Pneumatic actuator, all specified for the needs of the product purpose and how / where the valve is to be installed.

Knowing the break, running, closing and maximum shaft torque of the valve is the starting point for choosing the right actuator as its companion.

Sizing the actuator to work with the valve needed is critical; an incorrectly sized actuator can cause problems, such as having enough torque to open but not close the valve, stopping the valve mid stroke, or having so much torque the valve stem is damaged.

When it comes to torque, different valve types have different signatures: Typically metal seated ball valves need large amounts of torque to operate from opening through travel and closing – while a butterfly valve needs higher amounts of torque while opening and closing but much less while travelling.

This is only scratching the surface of all considerations and required specifications.

Because Valve & Process Solutions is not a pick and pack warehouse, we can advise on a full range of off the shelf established brands, through to highly specialized actuation solutions – combining them with the valve required or advising on retrofitting to existing valves that have been previously actuated or manually controlled.

The New K20 Positioner Monitor we launched last month can be used with virtually all pneumatic actuators, ensuring Monitoring becomes an instant no brainer and another technological leap forward.

Ask us about the right switch / monitor / positioner / actuator and valve combination for your process.

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