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Time & The Blindingly Obvious

Line-blinding is now safe and fast

Think of a figure – what is an hour worth to your company?

Per man-hour / Per hour of production.

Do you have that figure in mind?

If you could carry out necessary / statutory maintenance on your line and save 93% of the man-hours and lost production in a single element of that process – would you think it was worth a discussion?

Traditional Solid Plate Line Blinding of a 14 to 24 inch pipeline takes 4 to 12 hours using 6 maintenance engineers.

Up to 72 man-hours 72 hours lost production.


• No special tools or crane  required
• Time to change – 60 seconds  or less
• One side one man  operation
• Open/close visual indication
• Positive isolation
• Counterweight for large  blinds
• Typical sizes – 1″ to 48″
• Body and seal material options available


Using Line Blinding with a SchuF Cam Set takes one engineer less than 5 minutes.

Cost to one side – the Schuff Cam Set makes Line Blinding a lot safer.

What was that figure you had in mind?



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