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Photo of Mick Pepper in his 1948 Triumph Roadster

Mick Pepper in his 1948 Triumph Roadster

Welcome to our new podcast. You’ll meet fascinating folk involved in the development and implementation of valves, actuators and other engineering solutions. We have a real treat for our first episode, which you can listen to below.

Mick Pepper was the Norris brothers’ first engineering apprentice, joining them in 1964.

The brothers – research and development engineers – are known for their involvement in the invention of the modern seatbelt, now fitted to every car.

They also worked with Donald Campbell and were involved in the design of the Bluebird boat and the Bluebird car, which set water and land speed records.

Ken Norris was “a genius engineer,” according to Mick, “the James Dyson of his day.” He also designed the first piezo-electric gas ignition system.

Working with the Norris brothers, Mick was involved with the manufacture of the Norbro Actuator in the 1960s and stayed with the company for 45 years.

In this fascinating podcast he describes his work with Norbro and how the Norbro Actuator was developed.

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