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VALVE and Process Solutions are experts in advising on the right product for your application and using combinations of products, tailored mounts and connections to your specifications, supplied ready built and tested for you to install.

Technical Specification Sheets

We can provide Technical Specification sheets for virtually any Switchbox, Actuator, Valve or peripheral product – examples below – please e-mail or call with your requirements.

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Westlock Catalogues & Datasheets

W1. Westlock Controls Frequently Asked Questions

W2. Westlock AccuTrak™ Rotary Position Monitor

W3. Westlock AccuTrak™ 9468 Series Rotary Position Monitor

W4. Westlock Beacon

W5. Westlock Digital EPIC position transmitter

W6. Westlock Digital EPIC position transmitter

W7. Westlock AccuTrak™ Rotary Control Monitors

W8.Westlock Quantum™ Rotary Control Monitors

W9. Westlock ICoT Smart Positioners

W10. Westlock Quantum™ Rotary Control Monitors

W11. Westlock Switches and sensors

W12. Westlock AccuTrak™ Rotary Control Monitors

W13. Westlock Intellis Network Control Monitors

W14. Westlock Quantum™ Rotary Control Monitors

W15. Westlock Quantum™ Rotary Control Monitors

W16. Westlock AccuTrak™ Rotary Position Monitors

W17. Westlock Digital EPIC Control Transmitters

W18. Westlock AccuTrak™ 316 Silver Bullet

W19. Westlock K20 Electro-pneumatic Positioners

SchuF / Fetterolf Catalogues & Datasheets

S1. SchuF / Fetterolf Automatic Recirculation Valve

S2. SchuF / Fetterolf Disc Bottom Outlet Valve

S3. SchuF / Fetterolf Engineered Control Valve

S4. SchuF / Fetterolf Ram Valve

S5. SchuF / Fetterolf Diverter Valves

S6. SchuF / Fetterolf Valve Portfolio

S7. SchuF / Fetterolf Sampling Valves

S8. SchuF / Fetterolf Bottom Outlet Valves

S9. SchuF / Fetterolf Cam-Slide Brochure

Emerson Keystone Catalogues, Datasheets & IOM's

K1. Keystone 320 Catalogue

K2. Keystone 990 Catalogue

K3. Keystone GR Catalogue

K4. Keystone F89 Catalogue

K5. Keystone 320 IOM

K6. Keystone 990 IOM

K7. Keystone GR IOM

K8. Keystone F89 IOM

K9. Keystone F777/778 Electric Actuators

K10. Keystone EPI-2 Electric Actuator Datasheet

AVID Catalogues & Datasheets

A1. AVID SmartCal Smart Positioner

A2. AVID EaziCal Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

A3. AVID CR Valve Position Monitor

A4. AVID LP Valve Position Monitor

A5. AVID ZR Valve Position Monitor

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