Saturday, July 11, 2020

As well as being the UK's main authorised distributor for Westlock products we also supply other great switchbox brands.

We have recently announced the addition of Avid switchboxes to our product portfolio. If you are an Avid user, get in touch with us and see what we have to offer.


  • Beacon Visual Indicator

  • Stainless Steel Shaft

  • Multiple Enclosure Materials Including: Aluminium & Stainless Steel

  • Multiple Switch Options Including: V3 Mechanical, P&F Sensors, Magnum XT90

  • ATEX Certification: Eexd, Eexia, Eexme

  • Multiple Conduit Entries

  • SIL Rated

  • Integrated Solenoid Option

  • BUS protocol units including ASI and Foundation Fieldbus Available

Call VALVE & Process Solutions to discuss the right configuration for your requirements