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ZR-0B201BD00-00-0R1 Non Hazardous Area

£188.00 plus VAT

  • ZR Series
  • Grilamid Enclosure
  • Hi-Vue Indicator
  • Namur Output Shaft
  • Mod-mount Direct Mount Bracket
  • 2 x M20 Conduit Entries
  • 2 x V3 Mirco Switches
  • Non-Hazardous Area ONLY

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Commodity Code: 85365019
Country of Origin: US
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ZR-0B201BD00-00-0R1 AVID  Valve Monitor ZR Series, Grilamid Resin Enclosure, Black / White HiVue Indication, Namur Shaft with Direct Mount Bracket, 2 x M20 Conduit Entries, 2 x V3 Mechanical Switches SPDT Contacts pre-wired to 8 point Terminal Strip, unit for a Non Hazardous / Safe Area application.

ZR-0B201BD00-00-0R1   B = M20 Conduits

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Weight 2 kg

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