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Are You Responsible For Maintaining Food Processing Plant? (or supplying valves to Food Processors?) THERE’S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Under European Law the The Food Contact Regulation (EC) No.1935/2004 is now binding and must be applied across the entirety of the EU. Anything coming into contact with food, that complies to the regulation, carries the Food Safe logo; but what is the point in “Food Safe” packaging if the equipment used to fill those packs isn’t compliant?

• Being compliant is a major advantage when tendering for  new business,

• NOT being compliant could lose your customers business.

• Complying with EU regulations is not as costly, or onerous, as your customers might fear.

You have compliant food packaging; do you have compliant valves?

Valve & Process Solutions Ltd are in a unique position to give advice – helping you to retain business when your end customers ask if you are compliant.

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