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Frank Sinclair is a legend in the Valve and Process industry and it was a privilege to interview him for the VPS Visionaries podcast.

In this episode, Frank explains his background before Westlock and what sparked his decision to set up the business.

“During the fifteen years, we did the right thing…and it worked out.”

He covers Westlock’s first beacons, early successes, failures and challenges. He explains how the Westlock switchbox came about and what made it commercially successful.

Frank also describes:

  • where the evocative names for Westlock’s products came from,
  • how the business achieved a consistent annual compound growth rate of 35%,
  • why it “didn’t need to employ any engineers” and how its innovations were driven by responding to customer demand,
  • ongoing development – and any regrets,
  • why he ultimately accepted an offer to buy the business,
  • and his activities in life and business since.

Enjoy these insights from a true pioneer in the industry. As the world’s leading stockist and leading distributor of Westlock products VPS has a lot to thank Frank for. We found Frank’s tales absolutely fascinating and we’re sure you will too.

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