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There is no statistic that can adequately describe the size, impact or integration of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries on the lives of every single person in the World.


In the UK alone, £60 million of daily added value to the country’s GDP, £50 billion worth of exports, growth in jobs of around 10% year on year, 30,000 full time equivalent roles in research and development alone…*

When you try to imagine every aspect of these industries, all the other industries they feed with raw materials through to finished products, and the billions of people around the World using them on a minute by minute basis, – it becomes one of those mind blowing subjects – akin to how long ago dinosaurs walked the earth or how many stars populate our nearest galaxies.

With the vast volumes of liquids, gasses and dry product being moved through process plants – monitoring what is happening with product, status of moving parts, safety critical operations and calibration – having the latest “best of type” components is ever more essential.

The K20 Positioner is one example of the leap forward that products, designed to cater for all scenarios, up to and including the Industrial Internet of Everything and the growing use of smart technology, have made.

Set up, Calibration and Commissioning is becoming quicker and easier, learning curves shorter, combinations of different products and brands more tailored to specific applications.

We may not, yet, be in the realms of voice activated life services that you already have around your home – but we are well on the way.

It has to be this way – with well over 30,000 people alone working in research and development the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector will never stop growing, evolving and producing new products to be processed – we are working hard to keep process solutions ahead of the game.


*Chemical Industries Association 2015.

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