Thursday, May 28, 2020
Photo of Vanessa Birchall

Vanessa Birchall

We were thrilled to announce the appointment of Vanessa Birchall as Sales Office Manager this month. Vanessa joins us at an exciting time as our business and team continues to grow.

Many in our industry will know Vanessa for her expertise (and love of exotic holidays). She joins VPS after almost two decades as a sales engineer in the industry, and previously worked with VPS founder Steve Pearson at Pegler and Louden in the early 2000s before Steve launched VPS in 2005.

Joining VPS “was a perfect opportunity for me,” says Vanessa, “I’ve known Steve since before he set up the company and it is brilliant to see how VPS has moved on since then. I’ve also known many of the team for a long time and it’s great to become part of it.

“Steve’s really passionate about his customers and about customer service so it’s fantastic to be a part of that as well, and I’m excited about helping the business develop even more.”

Outside of work Vanessa’s passions are her family (children Sebastien, 4, and Fleur, 1), walking, and travel.

“Aside from being excited to be part of a growing and dynamic business, joining VPS means I have a much shorter commute, saving a couple of hours a day. So I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family.”

Her other main passion is travel, Everyone in the industry does pull my leg about my love of holidays and travel,” she adds.

VPS founder and managing director, Steve Pearson, said “Vanessa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which will enhance our technical capabilities and customer service. Another great addition to the VPS family!”

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