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When Westlock decided it was time to upgrade the highly successful K10 Positioner, they had 14 years of data and customer feedback to draw on… and it shows!

With over 20 improvements, upgrades and innovations, compared to its predecessor, we believe the New K20 Positioner represents a giant leap for Westlock’s mission to bring ever more effective electro-pneumatic positioners to the process industries.

Designed to complete auto calibration in just minutes and independently adjust the positioner, the K20 performs position measuring via an offset Hall Effect Sensor, before an LCD display, viewable through the K20’s clear cover, instantly shows the results of your required calibration – set in minutes using the simple autocalibration to facilitate setup and commissioning.

By using the K20 you will find commissioning times are reduced and automation technicians and plant operators appreciating the quick learning curve.

Unlike the K10 (with which it is interchangeable), the Globally Certified K20 is intrinsically safe and offers switch options for: ATEX and IECEx with the Magnum XT-90 hermetically sealed proximity switch. North America with SPDT mechanical switch V3 and Non-Incendive with P+F NJ2-V3-N inductive proximity switch – (for full data sheet click here)

At Valve & Process Solutions we are mightily impressed with the extended capabilities, ease of use and cost effectiveness of the K20: Even as the largest stock holders of Westlock Products in the World, we don’t expect them to be spending much time on our shelves.

We can supply the K20 as a ready replacement for your current K10s, ready to go with whichever switches you need for your environment. We can advise on, and supply, any combination of K20 plus actuator or actuator and valve – and advise on how you could replace any other brand of Position Monitor with the long list of advantages the K20 could bring to your operation.

Including: 98% Reduction in active setup time, New LCD Display, Simple Auto-Calibration Available, Reliable Hall Effect Sensor, Iconic Westlock Beacon, New Manifold allowing for Closed Loop Breathing, Various Housing material options, Standard or Namur Actuator mounting, globally certified as intrinsically safe as standard.

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