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Why we are different!


VPS continues to grow and dominate our space because we are very different from the other available alternatives that you will find in the marketplace.

We live our core values of Honesty, Success Together, High Standards, Trust, Fun and Learning

We will not let you continue to do things the way you have always done them. We will challenge your thinking to build the future. We will not supply you a product just to make a sale.

We are a true one stop shop representing world class manufacturers providing single source multi choice without a compromise on quality.

We create a safety net between manufactures and customers to filter out errors, delays and mistakes.

We are vendor agnostic allowing us to provide the best fit products for your particular application. We don’t find customers for our products we find products for our customers.

No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster, it is our specialty!

With over 150 years combined experience we have without question the most professional, knowledgeable, responsible and courteous team in the business. Clients tell us that our staff feel like their own key employees.

Our clients don’t leave us and the very few that did came back!

For anyone unfamiliar with Valve & Process Solutions, we have created the short video below as an overview – we would appreciate your feedback!

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