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Global Certification is One Step Closer

Not to be confused with Harmonization – that longed for scenario where all the World’s countries, regions and blocs recognise and implement one standard in each category of products.

We are now seeing some sense being applied to products where testing and certification for more than one standard on an individual product can be carried out, with labeling that gives only essential summary information referencing back to an online or in box certificate with full disclosure of the standards applied.

Westlock have started the ball rolling at their end by announcing that their AccuTrak and Quantum switchbox units will be certified to meet both ATEX AND IEC hazardous approvals.

Each will be supplied under one part number – so it will no longer be necessary to specify either an ATEX or an IECEx individually coded product.

The standard product code will be suffixed with – AR1 etc and supplied with dual labeling covering ATEX and IECEx requirements.

Good news for both stockholders supplying and installers working across regional borders.

The IR1 coding is already being phased out.


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