The robust design and high accuracy of our position transmitters provides enhanced feedback. As a result, you receive precise data to operators and control systems.

About Transmitters

At Valve & Process Solutions, our primary focus is to deliver advanced Flow Control Products that cater to a diverse range of industrial needs. Our Transmitters seamlessly blend technology and precision. As a result, they ensure superior valve management.

Introducing Westlock Digital EPIC: The Benchmark of Excellence

One of the leading models in our product line is the Westlock Digital EPIC. This transmitter not only integrates cutting-edge technology but also offers a user-friendly interface. Therefore, it becomes the ideal choice for applications demanding high precision and reliability.

Wide Temperature Range: Embracing Versatility

Our transmitters are designed to operate efficiently within a broad temperature range. This range varies depending on the configuration and certification. Therefore, such versatility allows for dependable operation across various industrial settings. As a result, the range accommodates diverse process requirements.

Durable Housings: Tailored for Longevity

Our transmitters come in a variety of housing material options to suit different industrial environments. These include Engineered Resin which is lightweight and has a high resistance to corrosion and Aluminium and Stainless Steel for robust and durable applications.

Solenoid Options: Customising to Fit Your Needs

We provide a wide range of solenoid options, including Stainless Steel or aluminium, 3/2 or 5/2 configurations, and 24v, 110v or 240v, with an array of Cv values. These options allow you to tailor your transmitter to perfectly suit your specific process needs.

Features & Benefits: Amplifying Your Flow Control Efficiency

Our transmitters come packed with features designed to enhance your flow control process. They are compatible with HART protocols and suitable for all area classifications, making them highly adaptable.

Suitable for PST and ESD Applications

Notably, our transmitters are ideal for use on applications requiring Partial Stroke Testing (PST) or providing Emergency Shut Down (ESD). This makes them a reliable choice for critical processes where safety is paramount.

Non-Intrusive Calibration

On some models, we offer a non-intrusive calibration feature that simplifies the calibration process, eliminating the need for extensive training and expertise.

Non-Contact Position Sensing and Diagnostics

Lastly, with non-contact position sensing and advanced diagnostics, our transmitters provide real-time data about your flow control process. This invaluable information empowers you to make informed decisions and optimise efficiency.

Suitable Industries

Chemical Industry

In the chemical sector, these transmitters offer precise valve feedback and data transmission during chemical handling and processing. As a result, this ensures accuracy, safety, and also efficiency in dealing with potentially hazardous materials.

Mining Industry

For mining operations, transmitters are used to feedback valve position data on systems controlling the flow of slurry, water, and other materials. As a result, this improves productivity and enhances safety in mining sites.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, these transmitters are essential for monitoring valve position to help the smooth running of various operations during processing, packaging and distribution.

Water Treatment Facilities

In water treatment facilities, these transmitters play a key role in tracking and controlling the position of valves used for water and treatment processes. Therefore, they ensure the supply of clean and safe water by providing accurate data transmission.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry greatly benefits from the use of transmitters for valve position monitoring. These valves are used in precise measurement and flow control of liquids and gases, crucial for maintaining product quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Power Generation Industry

The power generation sector relies on valve position transmitters for accurate valve data related to the flow of steam, coolant, and other fluids. This also contributes to operational efficiency and safety in power plants.

Oil and Gas Industry

Transmitters are indispensable in the oil and gas industry. They provide accurate valve position data regarding fluid flow, pressure, and temperature. Therefore, ensuring smooth operations and optimised safety measures in pipelines and refineries.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, our transmitters at Valve & Process Solutions offer an amalgamation of technology, precision, and versatility. Furthermore, they are engineered to boost your valve flow control efficiency and reliability, promising superior performance across all industrial environments. Explore our range of transmitters today and experience the difference.

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