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The AVID (Automated Valve Interface Devices) product line was developed for the TYCO direct sales force by Westlock when they acquired the company back in 2000.

For the last two decades, the AVID brand has developed a following around the world. The range incorporates Position Monitors, Control Monitors, Positioners and network systems.

At Valve & Process, we have the world’s largest inventory of AVID products including the EaziCal positioner, SmartCal positioner, AVID CR, LP, XA, ZR, ZR+ and more. Speak to our in-house specialists on-hand to provide technical support and product advice tailored to your specifications.


AVID Features:

  • Beacon Visual Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Multiple Enclosure Materials Including: Aluminium & Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Switch Options Including: V3 Mechanical, P&F Sensors, T-Switch
  • ATEX Certification: Eexd, Eexia, Eexme
  • Multiple Conduit Entries
  • SIL Rated
  • Integrated Solenoid Option
  • Network protocol units including ASI and Foundation Fieldbus available.

VPS AVID Stock List:
(Aug 2023)

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