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The Atomac range is respected and renowned for high-quality, reliable PFA lined products. Manufactured in Germany, Atomac has nearly 50 years of experience and expertise and became part of the Flowserve Ahaus Group in 1998.

At Valve & Process Solutions, we stock the Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A. Both models are fully PFA lined, full port, two-piece floating ball valves.

The Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A has a versatile pressure temperature range for PFA lined valves. Minimized downtime and maintenance is achieved from long-life seats, large stem sealing area and moulded liner. Full port design and low operating torques result in reduced energy costs and actuator stress. Plant, personnel and environmental safety is assured by an anti-blowout stem and anti-static design.

Along with the Atomac AKH2 & AKH2A, we stock a range of actuators, switchboxes and ancillary products to complete your valve package tailored to your specifications.

Atomac AKH2A ball valve & AKH2A ball valve build with Norbro actuator and Westlock switchbox

Product Specifications

Models: AKH2 & AKH2A
Type: 2pc FULLY PFA LINED Floating Ball Valve
Port: Full Port
Design: ASME 16.34, ASME B16.42, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5, DIN ISO EN 558 ISO 5211
Face to Face: ASME B16.10 (Short), ISO 5752 Tab 6, (DIN EN558 / Proprietary for sizes below 1”)
Rating: 1mb up to full 19 BarG (refer to pressure temperature charts)
Testing: API598 / ISO 5208 – RATE A

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