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Westlock Accutrak 1145 discontinuedWestlock Controls has announced that the AccuTrak 1145 has been discontinued. For this reason, Westlock will no longer offer new part numbers, spare parts, retrofit kits, special features, and technical support for this product. The discontinuation will also be applicable to all criterions and speciality items.

Westlock introduced the AccuTrak 1145 as a low-cost offering mainly for non-hazardous industrial valve requirements. The 1145 has an ABS enclosure with 2 x V3 mechanical switches pre-wired to an 8-point terminal strip and 2 x M20 conduit entries. It also features a plastic Namur shaft and a dome visual indication.


What is an alternative to the AccuTrak 1145?

The product we recommend as an alternative to the 1145 is the Westlock AccuTrak 3245 rotary position monitor, and the good news is we have it in stock here at Valve & Process.

The replacement unit 3245 is the base entry Westlock AccuTrak unit for non-hazardous applications. Manufactured from Zytel Engineered Resin, it is a much more corrosion resistant product to ABS. Alternative materials are available in Aluminium and 316 Stainless Steel.

The enclosure offers more space for field wiring compared to the 1145, with switches pre-wired in a raised terminal strip. The 3245 also uses a Stainless Steel Namur shaft and the standard iconic Westlock Beacon visual indicator. You can fit the 3245 unit to Namur actuators using the standard 316 Stainless Steel die cast enclosed bracket. Also, additional alternatives are available with inductive sensors or Magnum XT90 hermetically sealed proximity switches.

Get in touch with one of our experts for more information or to enquire about the Westlock AccuTrak 3245 as an alternative.

Shop the Westlock AccuTrak 3245 online, along with our range of Westlock switchboxes, position monitors, brackets, spare parts and more on our web store.

Westlock AccuTrak 3245 rotary position monitor

Westlock AccuTrak 3245R

Westlock AccuTrak 3245A with Westlock bracket

Westlock AccuTrak 3245A with Westlock bracket







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