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Picture of Sam Tozzi

Sam Tozzi

He’s football crazy and cooking mad – but don’t ask Sam Tozzi for the recipe for his signature dish. It’s a closely-guarded secret.

Sam, 23, originally came for work experience at VPS 8 years ago when he was just 15. We must have made an impression on him – and Sam on us – because he returned to VPS in June 2018 after completing a sports nutrition degree and working in a school.

Now Sam is our Operations Assistant and has an amazing ability to give even the glummest delivery driver a smile or to cheer them up.

“We’ve been incredibly busy over the last few months,” says Sam, whose grandparents moved from southern Italy to Chesterfield in 1966.

Sam and his family visit Benevento, near Naples, regularly to support the football team.

“Benevento, where my family is from, is similar in size to Chesterfield. We’ve traveled to Rome, Milan and other cities too,” he says, “but Naples is the real Italy – and its food is the best in the country.”

Aside from football and feasting, a recent highlight on an Italian visit was to walk up mount Vesuvius and enjoy breathtaking views.

Sam graduated from University in 2017. Since then he’s been working part time in a local school – and playing football as well as watching it.

“I train or play several times a week for Bolsover Town,” he says. “I tend to play full back, but I am quite versatile.”

He’s also a keen chef, and while Sam can cook you a fine dish of pasta, a pizza from scratch or all manner of Italian specialities, his signature dish is very much of-the-moment: mac and cheese. It’s crispy on top and “my girlfriend loves it, but I can’t tell you my recipe, it’s top secret,” he adds.

What are your goals for this year, Sam? “Well, all my family speak Italian,” he says, “so this year I’d like to carry on learning Italian myself, and I want to continue to learn more about the industry. Steve’s hard work, knowledge and passion is infectious!”

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